A: If the DVR controls are no longer operating but the recording light is flashing. The best action to take is to power down the DVR wait 30 seconds, then turn the power back on. This should reset the DVR for proper operation. If this problem persist s or this does not fix the problem, please contact our technical support team for further assistance.

A: Make sure the power cord plugged in firmly and the power switch turns on. You should see the green light on the DVR. Press power button again. If problem still exist, please contact customer service.

A : Check your camera input and DVR output connection at the back of the DVR. Make sure that they connected correctly and firmly. If you use your PC monitor as display, check your VGA cable connection too. If you can't find any problem with that, check on your camera power cable too.

A: Make sure your drive has been formatted after initial install. To Format, from the main menu, Select the Maintenance Tab, Scroll Down to the Format HDD Button and press Start to begin formatting. Format times will vary with size of drive.

A: USB Flash Drives are the most recommended way for backing up the files or information you are looking to save. You will locate the Backup Function on the Main Bar Menu under, the playback Menu. The USB port is located in the back of the DVR.

A: Make Sure to Check Your Cable, Your Power Source, The Camera itself and your Ends, If you feel the DVR is the issue please contact your local support team.

A: Make sure you are using a VGA Monitor and that all cables and Monitor/s are working properly. If you are using a BNC video source or RCA video source, make sure your ends are terminated properly and that your cable has not be compromised.

A: Yes you can. All Vonnic DVRs have included the remote viewing feature. You can set up this function with your own secure password. Then you can access anywhere in the world. Static IP is required for remote login. Ensure Active X is enabled. Create a Port Forward rule for your router / access point. Please consult an IT technician if necessary.

You may have an IP address conflict. Your internal IP address of your DVR might be in conflict with another machine on the same LAN. Please adjust the range of your DHCP server of your router to exclude the IP address of your DVR. Restart your Router, then restart your DVR and any machine on your LAN

A: Yes. we provides phone support, in-house or on-site services for our existing customers. For your convenient, use our online chat service for immediate assistance.

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